Green Tea Fat Burner Supplement Review

The green tea fat burner dietary supplement has been naturally fortified with all of the antioxidant and fat burning polyphenols found in green tea as well as a combination of natural extracts such as Citrus Aurantium, Siberian Ginseng, Ginger Root and Yerba mate leaf. This supplement utilises the natural blend of catechins (ECGC) and caffeine found in the tea itself to speed up the body’s metabolism and reduce cholesterol causing the body to burn fat without even exercising. Of course, for optimal fat burning results an exercise regime and low fat diet will drastically improve things.

Green Tea Fat Burner Reviews

Green Tea Fat BurnerAll reviews point to the experience of this dietary supplement doing what it is intended to. Many users report significant results in just two weeks while body builders have incorporated this dietary supplement into their regular diet and have found amazing ripping benefits. This is why you will find it available through the top body building websites. Popular product brands include Applied Nutrition fat burner and the Triple Fat Burner Liquid Soft Gels also made by Applied Nutrition.

Side Effects

The ingredients within fat burner are all naturally occurring and as such pose no threat to your body if taken responsibly and in accordance with instructions and/or your direction from your doctor. There are no significant side effects although it is not recommended that pregnant mothers or breastfeeding mothers take such supplements and one actually wonders why a pregnant mother would want to anyway. Taking any caffeine product before bed is not advised as it can cause alertness and cause difficulty in sleeping. Other possible side effects include irritability and a racing heartbeat although they are rare.

Is it Safe?

Green Tea Fat Burner Side EffectsIt is perfectly safe when used properly just like any healthcare product and even though it contains 100% natural ingredients it contains concentrated quantities that should be carefully administered. The only aspect of this fat burning supplement that can be perceived as slightly dangerous if taken in excess is caffeine so never take more than you should and stop use immediately if any symptoms occur.


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