Green Tea Supplements

Green Tea SupplementsThe active ingredients in green tea that has made it popular as a dietary supplement are a group of polyphenols, especially catechin which has been proven to possess anti-cancer properties as well as other health benefits. The tea itself is made from the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis tree which have been processed without fermentation which preserves its restorative properties. Using supplements is a very popular method of providing the body with highly beneficial antioxidants capable of treating several ailments and promoting the body’s natural health and balance. Recent clinical research has shown that using supplements from the tea can reduce the risk of catching flu by as much as 75% and contain the polyphenols that scavenge free radicals and eat away at cancerous cells. Supplements are available in 100, 200, 300, 400 and 500mg pill form and for as cheap as $5.

Benefits of Green Tea Supplements

The benefits of these supplements taken as a pill or an extract can ensure that you get the required amount of antioxidants without having to drink copious amounts of actual tea which can be time consuming and even abhorrent for those who do not like the taste of it. It has been reported that women who drink it regularly are 50% less likely to suffer from breast cancer. The possible side effects of taking too much extract or pills include insomnia, irritability, dizziness and headaches associated with excessive caffeine intake even though it contains less caffeine than black tea. Pregnant women should not take more than a cup or two during pregnancy and should consider decaf but always under supervision from their doctor. There are no studies to suggest that using supplements deprives you of any of the benefits of drinking the tea itself.

Supplements Available

Pills, extracts and patches can all be effective ways to administer a dietary supplement and the polyphenols present in the green tea. Patches are a great way to slowly introduce a specific amount of extract over a 24 hour period. Just place the patches on your skin and feel comfortable with the knowledge that you never need to remember to take a pill or bother with brewing tea again and you can still get all the antioxidant benefits. Some people do not have a problem with remembering to take pills whilst others always forget or can’t stand swallowing tablets. The best green tea supplement has to be the one most convenient for the individual.

Can I use as a Supplement for Weight Loss?

The properties of green tea weight loss supplements are also well documented in clinical trials and studies with fat burning metabolic accelerators. They also promote the gradual release of carbohydrates reducing the occurrence of sharp increases in blood insulin which further promotes the fat burning process. To get the best weight loss results you should incorporate supplements into a regular low fat diet and exercising regime.


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