Mega-T Green Tea Dietary Supplement Review

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Mega-T Green TeaMega T green tea dietary supplement is a popular health product available for use as a diet booster. The carefully blended mixture also contains chromium and guarana which are said to contain additional fat burning properties to add to the weight loss benefits of the polyphenols such as catechin found in the supplements. You can buy the weight loss supplements for under $5 which represents an affordable way to make sure you reap the dietary benefits without ever having to make a cup of tea and great for those with a fast pace lifestyle. Mega green tea reviews show just how people have enjoyed the health benefits of this product.

Mega T Green Tea Reviews

Mega T Green Tea Dietary Supplement ReviewDoes Mega T dietary supplement work? In so far as the polyphenols such as ECGC (catechin) are contained within the ingredients, it has the potential to aid weight loss as a part of a calorie controlled diet. It has shown to be an effective method of speeding up the metabolism and helping to reduce cholesterol in trials with many users swearing by its effectiveness. Other reviews highlight the enjoyable taste and its ability to keep hunger at bay. However users reported that they get hungry faster after taking Mega-T tablet.

Mega-T Side Effects

Is Mega T safe? In short, yes. However, the side effects associated with it in tablet or extract form are the same as any high quality health product with caffeine in it. Only take such supplements as directed by your doctor and never exceed the recommended dosage. Taking it before bedtime could keep you too alert to sleep. Other than that there are no real side effects associated with Mega T supplement.

Would we Recommend It?

We would definitely recommend Mega green tea extract for those people with no time to brew their own tea and who live an active lifestyle. Many people do not like taking tablets which will mean that this product is out of bounds for them but there are alternatives such as patches which can be worn throughout the day releasing antioxidants gradually. It has been proven to assist in losing weight so long as you do not increase your calorific intake and cancel out the positive effects. If, however, you enjoy the relaxing effect of freshly brewed tea and the way in which it delivers its benefits then you may report different findings in your own Mega T green tea review just because you find taking tablets a little boring.


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