Matcha Green Tea Benefits

The matcha is a neo-green, finely powered tea that is prepared from tea leaves that are grown in the shade.  It is specially brewed and served in traditional tea ceremonies in Japan.  It is also used as a flavour for cookies, sweets, alcohol beverages, as well as sweets and smoothies.  It is a little more expensive than other green teas.  However, the way it is produced as well as the quality of the tea is what dictates the price and has direct relation to matcha green tea benefits.

Matcha Green Tea BenefitsThe production process begins a few weeks before the harvesting of the tea leaves.  The bushes are covered in an effort to generate 90% shade, and this is usually done for a three-week period.  When this is done, it slows down the rate of growth of the tea plants by impacting the rate of photosynthesis.  More amino acids and as well as higher level of chlorophyll are accumulated in the tea leaves and this is what is responsible for the matcha’s sweet flavour as well as for many of the unique  matcha tea health benefits.

To make the matcha, they harvest the best tea buds which are then steamed and set out to dry.  The stems and veins are then removed from the dried leaves before grinding them.  The tea leaves are then grounded in order to create great talc-like matcha powder.  When you brew the matcha it is not strained or left in tea pot.  Instead, the leaf is also ingested with the tea thus matcha drinkers get the added health benefits from the chlorophyll.

There are many benefits of matcha including all the general benefits of green tea as well as some unique health benefits just for matcha tea. They include the fact that they contain higher levels of amino acids, polyphenois, vitamins, cathechins, as well as other antioxidants than other green teas.  There are some studies that say that with respect to the matcha benefits, the matcha’s nutritional value that is in it is comparable to ten glasses of other types of green teas.

  • relaxation – yet another among our matcha tea health benefits is the fact that it also comprise of the amino acid known as L-theanine.  This helps with the relaxation of the mind.  As such, people ingest it as a natural mood enhancer.  Other amino acids are what give the tea the sweet flavour that it has, and it therefore tastes different from regular types of green tea
  • body cleansing -the high concentration of antioxidants is also another great matcha benefit.  Comparative studies show that in comparison to other fruits and vegetables that are rich in antioxidants, matcha has in approximately ten times higher the amount per gram
  • cancer fighting -still another one of its benefits is the fact that it contains a very high level of catechin EGCg.  This is said to have cancer-fighting properties and it is an anti-oxidant
  • weight loss effects – high level of chlorophyll due to the matcha growing conditions makes matcha excellent tee for those seeking which type of tee to drink for losing weight diet
  • skin care – another of matchahealth benefits is are acne fighting effects thanks to its high level of chlorophyll
  • sugar free – there is absolutely no sugar contained in matcha so it is also great option for diabetics
  • energy booster – according to recent studies the energy boosting benefit of matcha tea is not only because of the caffeine that it contains but because of other nutritional ingredients that have positive effect on physical as well as mental endurance
  • fiber – matcha green tea also contains fiber, Potassium and vitamins A and C which are important for overall health


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