Matcha Green Tea Powder

The Zen Buddist monks introduced the matcha green tea powder into the Japanese culture via the development of the Chanoyu which is the tea ceremony.  Long before that however, the Chinese knew all about the benefits of the matcha, and now modern science is becoming more and more aware of the health benefits of the matcha tea powder. The taste of matcha is vegetal (grassy) and quite strong.

Matcha Green Tea PowderThe goodness of the matcha tea is better that other green teas as in a cup of matcha, you are able to get all of the dried leaf.  The process involves whipping the hot water with the matcha tea powder.  When this is done, you are not merely drinking water that has dried tea leaves that have been steeped, but instead, you are drinking the actual leaf. This makes all the difference with respect to the health benefits of this type of green tea.

We have been taught by modern science that foods that are higher in antioxidants are good for us.  These foods are inclusive of peanuts, blueberries and pomegranates.  The matcha tea powder has proven to be extremely high with respect to its concentration of antioxidants.  In a comparative look, blueberries have ninety units/g while the matcha on the other hand, has thirteen hundred units/g.  Since this is good for you in regards to its anti-aging properties, think of how much more you get from ingesting the matcha tea.

The chlorophyll level of the plant is increased as the mathcha tea is usually grown in the shade.  Due to the fact that all of the leaf is ingested, then the chlorophyll of the plant is also taken in as well.  The chlorophyll is said to be great for cleansing the body of heavy metals as well as chemical toxins like lead and mercury.  As such, the matcha green tea powder works to improve the detoxification enzymes of the body and assist with the removal of the harmful elements from the body in an easier, less strenuous on the body than other processes used for cleansing the body. According to some studies chlorophyll can increase level of the enzymes that break down fatty acids what can contribute to body fat reduction. Matcha has therefore an excellent effects on weight loss.

The Buddhist monks have long had the knowledge that the matcha helps to both keep them calm as well as mental alert while they are meditating.  As for the scientists, they have found out that it contains L-theanine which is an amino acid.  This has an impact on the functioning of the brain with an increase in the dopamine production.  The lowering of our mental as well as our physical stress is usually achieved via the dopamine which is a set of brain chemicals.  Te L-theanine is also said to help to fight infection in the T-cells of the body.  The matcha powder is also said to boost the immune system.



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