Green Tea Skin Care

There is indisputable evidence which clearly shows that green tea is very healthy for you. Not only does it contain polyphenols it also contains chromium, magnesium, selenium and several antioxidants. The drinking of this type of tea can improve cardiovascular health, it can protect against cancers, lower cholesterol levels and help with weight loss. But something that many people do not know about this tea type is that it is also good for the skin. Skin caring benefits along with its weight loss effects of this tea are really are really very interesting.

Skin CareThere have been several studies conducted during the past few years which suggest that green tea can help protect against skin cancer. It was shown through both animal and human studies that topical green tea skin products reduce sun damage when applied to the skin. It also has been proven that extract can be used to treat papulopustular roscea by reducing the inflammation associated with this common skin disorder. Additionally, it can slow down the development of skin aging due to the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects of the polyphenols present in it.

Green tea contains a mixture of potent polyphenols called catechins which help fight damage caused by free radicals. In case you do not know, free radicals are molecules which are missing an electron, making them unstable. Free radicals are continuously trying to take an electron from neighboring molecules. These are harmful to your skin and they are present in the UV rays of the sun and in the form of toxins you may be exposed to on a daily basis.

CreamIt is for the above reasons that there are many skin care products on the market that are based on green tea. These days you can find such a skin care products in the form of anti-aging creams, cleansers, toners, moisturizers, calming serums, eye repair creams and skin lighteners plus many more. It is possible to obtain skin benefits from drinking the tea, taking it in pill form or by wearing a patch on your skin. Another popular option is cream. The most popular out there from all tea skin care products are probably the most famous and also according to various studies effective Elizabeth Arden skin care.

Green tea skin care products are becoming increasingly popular. This is due to the fact that more and more people are learning about the many positive effects this tea provides the skin. It can help to detoxify the skin by reducing the exposure to toxins which helps keep skin healthy. When toxins are removed from the skin, the skin is left with a healthy glow. Now it is very easy to enjoy these benefits, you can buy green tea skin products both online and locally.


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