Green Tea Caffeine Content

Many people wonder “Does green tea have caffeine?” If you suffer from high blood pressure or you just don’t like the feeling that caffeine has on you, it is natural to want to avoid drinks that contain the substance. However it is important to realize that small amounts of caffeine will have a positive health effect if added to your diet. Drinking green tea is one of the best ways of absorbing caffeine into your body. Not only is the overall caffeine level lower than other drinks but the health benefits of such a tea are fantastic.

CaffeineGreen tea does contain caffeine. But the amount of caffeine contained within a cup is much lower than that of comparative drinks. For example a can of coca cola has twice the amount of caffeine . Not only this but the manner in which tea is produced sets it apart from other types of tea, such as the traditional cup of English black tea. With black tea the leaves are prepared through a process of fermentation. However tea leaves are steamed. The difference is the processed means that the leaves are not oxidised. Hence the green tea leaves retain all of their nutritional value.

The green tea caffeine contained with the drink is known as theophyliine and theobromine. These two substances are not found in anywhere near as large as quantities as the typical caffeine that is coffee, but there benefits are significant. They actually stimulate the central nervous system, increase renal blood flow and act as an anti-inflammatory. This is why when you drink green tea you can feel more alert without experiencing the type of buzzy effect of coffee and energy drinks.

TeaGreen tea has other outstanding health benefits, the most popular is probably weight loss effect. As noted the process of fermentation lets coffee retain its nutritional value. That means that contained within this type of tea is iron, calcium, vitamins A, B1, B2, C and D. Not only this but it contains compounds which have been show to be effective in fighting cancer cells. It is is also useful for lowering cholesterol levels, alleviating arthritis and reducing the likely hood of cardiovascular disease. What’s more it has recently become even more popular in light of its weight loss qualities. Many people in the west choose not to drink this type of tea because they don’t like the bitter taste. Firstly don’t add sugar to the drink in order to make it more palatable. This will reduce the health benefits of the drink. Try some quality green tea which has not so bitter taste, it actually is incorporated with other tastes making it nice complex drink. Secondly this type of tea can be a found in a variety of blends with different spices. If you want a sweeter tea try one of these. And thirdly if you find out that this type of tea is not to be to your own tastes, you need to understand that it is an acquired taste. The western diet contains far too much sugar and as such this is what our body is used to. Try drinking green tea consistently for a month and you will notice that you become used to and look forward to your cup of this tea. If you do not like drinking tea you can always take the green tea nutrition in extract or pills.

The health benefits of green tea are fantastic. Unless you are suffering from an allergy to caffeine, drinking this tea can be an excellent addition to anybodies diet. If you want to have the alertness and energy that caffeine provides but in a more sustained manner then it makes an excellent substitute. Diet based on green tea will give a prolonged state of alertness and the impact on your overall health can be incredible.


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